Are you Leading Your Life, or is Life Leading You?

Whether you lead a company, a team within an organization, your own small business, a household, or “simply” your own life, your answer to the question above is dictating the level of success and personal fulfillment you’re able to experience. Period.

Why? Think about it. If life is leading you, all you can be is reactive. You’re fighting fires most of the time. You feel like a slave to your to-do list and a victim to the circumstances that keep appearing to block your path. You’re very likely neglecting important parts of your life (health and relationships are often the big ones), and your ability to be fully resourceful and present in your leadership is being compromised because of that.

Here’s the good news: there is another way. You have the potential to be a powerful leader of your own life instead of living at the mercy of the world and systems around you and the unhelpful habits, patterns and perspectives within you. As a Life Leader, you will:

  1. Take Full Responsibility for your life and the choices that are creating your experience.
  2. Know Yourself and be crystal clear about who you are, what drives you, what you need to be deeply fulfilled and what gets in your way.
  3. Choose Knowledgeably, leading with clarity, integrity and alignment to who you are and what you’re wanting to create, choice by choice.
  4. Live Confidently in who you are, what you believe, what’s most important and what you need.
  5. Fear Less, understanding your fear more, being willing to face it head on, and knowing how to effectively and healthily manage it so it no longer runs your show.

As a Life Leader, you will be continuously creating a life that enlivens rather than depletes, fulfills instead of drains… a life that joy-fully reflects on the outside who you truly, deeply are on the inside.

It’s *really* about living life from your center, and being able to choose, from this point on, with clarity, from your core.

Aaahhh… sounds better than the status quo, doesn’t it? I think so, too. Here’s how to get started:

  1. First, sign up in the box at right to kickstart your Life Leadership with your two free gifts. (Don’t forget to check your inbox for a confirmation email!)
  2. Second, explore this site to learn more about coaching, Life Leadership, Life Leadership coaching, and your Life Leadership coach.
  3. And Third, take a deep breath and click the “Schedule Now” button on the right side of this page to set up an exploratory conversation. What have you got to lose, except stronger Life Leadership born out of deep self-knowing, more confidence, empowering choices and liberation from your fears?

Talk with you soon!

Laura Neff, CPCC, PCC

“You are by far the MOST awesome coach I have experienced in my six years in the coaching biz. Your instincts are right on; your listening is masterful; your questions are provoking; your challenging is so growth-producing. I am soooo lucky to have had you as my coach!” L.S.

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